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Frozen in order

When I listen to soundtracks, I listen to them with in chronological order, the way they were played in the movie, so that it’s as if I’m watching the movie all over again.

My latest project: Disney’s Frozen.
Get it in iTunes, Amazon, or the Disney Store.

The order of the songs and the scores in the first issue of the soundtrack is pretty easy. But mixing in the score demos and outtakes were a little bit trickier, but I think I got it down. (I hope!) Corrections are welcome!

1. Vuelie
2. Frozen Heart
3. Elsa and Anna
4. The Trolls
5. Do You Want to Build a Snowman?
6. Coronation Day
7. For the First Time in Forever
8. Heimr Arnadlr
9. Queen Elsa of Arendelle (Score Demo)
10. Coronation Band Suite (Source score)
11. Winter’s Waltz
12. Love is an Open Door
13. Sorcery
14. Royal Pursuit
15. Let It Go
16. It had to Be Snow (Score Demo)
17. Oaken’s Sauna (Score Demo)
18. Reindeer(s) are Better Than People
19. Onward and Upward
20. Wolves
21. Hands for Hans (Score Demo)
22. Meet Olaf (Score Demo)
23. In Summer
24. The North Mountain
25. Thin Air (Score Demo)
26. We Were So Close
27. For the First Time in Forever (Reprise)
28. Marshmallow Attack!
29. Cliff Diving (Score Demo)
30. Conceal, Don’t Feel
31. The Love Experts (Score Demo)
32. Fixer Upper
33. Only an Act of True Love
34. Summit Siege
35. Elsa Imprisoned (Score Demo)
36. Return to Arendelle
37. Treason
38. Some People Are Worth Melting For
39. Whiteout
40. The Great Thaw (Vuelie Reprise)
41. Epilogue
42. Let It Go (Demi Version)

And just because I love Kristoff so very much:

43. Reindeer(s) Remix (Outtake) – because Bobby and Kristen Lopez said so
44. You’re You (Outtake) – only, I imagine it’s Jonathan Groff as Kristoff singing it

Running time is 1 hour 29 minutes

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