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What to do when you’re down with the flu

(aside from trying to sleep it off after taking meds)

1. Tweet
Because attempting to tweet something interesting about a seemingly uninteresting day can make that said day a tad bit more interesting.

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Sarah, Sick for Four Days

I rarely get sick. I only get colds around 1-2 times a year, and even when my hyperacidity strikes it only renders me immobile for a few hours. Migraine headaches are pretty frequent, but nothing a couple of Advil and several hours of sleep can’t cure.

But this. O-hoho. This, whatever it is, is a biggie. Big, and downright weird.

Because of a fun but exhausting weekend with friends, family, and ministry, Monday morning found me exhausted. I woke up with a good mood but heavy muscles. The clock told me that I was late for work, and the rain was pouring outside. Classic. So I decided to stay home. “Best not to get sick,” I had said. So monday was rest day. Woohoo.

But I ended up working on side projects, anyway. But at least I was in the comfort of my bed.

I woke up feeling sort of okay… The weather was better, so I said, “Up and at ’em!” By the time I got to work, I was still feeling not quite normal, but I was on my way there, right? Wrong.

Lunchtime found me without energy and appettite. My officemates told me to go home. I really wanted to do just that, but I didn’t want to travel for one and a half hours by myself when I was feeling sick. That afternoon, I was having chills and I was lightheaded. When six o’clock finally came, I went home with Ana, thank God for her, and our travel went without incident.

I crashed on my bed at eight, after light dinner.

I woke up with a HUGE headache. Not a migraine one, with which I’m very well acquainted. Just a “normal” headache, only it’s really…well…painful. It was so bad that I didn’t have the mind to call in sick for work.

Felt better in the afternoon, and went to sleep early again, hoping for a full recovery.

Thursday (Today)
Finally feeling better, but now the stomach thing is back. One minute I feel like retching, and in the next I feel perfectly fine. Arrrrrrrgh. I feel too sick to be useful, but too well to be useless. And ARGH I hate it.

So now here I am, still in bed, trying to get really really well-rested so I can go back to work tomorrow. It’ll be Friday, so in case I’ll get sick (again), I have the weekend.

My mom tells me that I’ve been working too hard (real job+side projects). Add that to the rainy weather and travel to and from work, and you get a Sarah with very low resistance to sickness. Meh. It’s logical, I guess, but…MEH!

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