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makin’ the web a better place

…or, at least making it look better.

Okay. Before anything else, I would like to declare a disclaimer: I am NOT a self-proclaimed web design guru or anything. And I don’t have OCD over this that I’ll go into tantrums just because some people like colors that… well… to put it bluntly: colors that hurt my eyes.

But, yeah.

I love web design.

And I like to have the web looking nice.

And… sometimes a day’s work really wears me out to the point that I HAVE to design a web page or else I’ll go insane.

Okay. Let’s get into the actual blog entry.

I was promoted last month (read more here), and that gave way to a new office, a new salary, a new schedule and, most importantly, new responsibilities. To be honest about it, it made my day busy, exciting, and… downright tiring. My bedtime even reverted back to 10 pm as if I was a high school student all over again! I was planning and analyzing and hiring and ARGH sometimes I just want to bang my head on my desk.

Err… NO I did not bang my head on my desk. I liked the shape of my skull as it was, thank you very much. Instead, I designed webpages just for the sake of doing something different. The great thing about this is: it actually served as practice. I mean, making web designs is my job, anyway. It just so happened that I wasn’t designing at the moment.

So I revamped my blogs…

And then…

And then I ran out of blogs to update. So I went and offered CSS and HTML help to friends who needed my God-given skills… And then I offered help to friends who weren’t really asking for help, but welcomed it anyway…

And now I’m open for requests. If you need help designing or redesigning your blog or website, I can help. I might not be able to work on it immediately, and I may not be able to finish it at once, but I will work on it on bang-my-head-on-my-desk moments.

So yeah. Hit me. And let’s make the web a better-looking place.

readings for readers

Waheeheehee. Ain’t it fun? Now I don’t have to email all a’ yus an’ stuff. Just check out the readings section on the right side from time to time. ^_____^

By Bloggers For Bloggers

Thursday, February 01, 2007
posted by Mihai Parparita

Reader has always been about sharing your favorite items. One of the more fun things you can do with them is put them on your blog. That way your readers can see what you’ve been finding interesting, even if you don’t have the time to do full posts.

Blogger Widget Screenshot

Until now, putting your shared items in your blog required some technical chops, since you needed to copy and paste some code into your template. We’d always wanted to make this easier, so we worked with our friends on the Blogger team. As a result, the entire process now only takes a few clicks for Blogger users*.

Add to Blogger imageAll you have to do is click the “Add to Blogger” button on the put a clip on your site page in Reader (found in Settings). Now anytime you share something, your blog’s readers will know about it too. It’s more fun than a blogroll and always up to date.

* Just to be clear, this only works if you’ve upgraded to the new version of Blogger. We switched the Reader blog to it a few weeks ago, and it’s been working out great (no more waiting for publishing to finish).


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Yep. Just celebrating the fact that I’m lipsumming again. Ha. I can’t believe I missed web design coding this much. ^_____________^

online but never online

So it’s my third Monday here at work.

And I’m always online, thanks to our — whoosh!!!!!! — 100Mbps connection.

Actually, up until recently, I’ve been satisfied with a dial-up internet connection at home. I know it’s slow compared to DSL, yeah, but I haven’t been frustrated with it enough to actually get rid of our dial-up connection in favor of high speed DSL. So, I said, if and when I begin working as a web developer, I shall have access to internet speeds that I have never experienced before, and I’ll maximize it by downloading the music, stock photos and whatever else I want as I work. During breaktime, I’d probably blog or something, keeping an updated log of my experiences in this new phase of my life.

Well, here’s the funny part. Ironically enough, I haven’t actually been using it as much as I had imagined I would. I have yet to try to download music, I have yet to have long YM chats with friends, and… well…

This is actually the first time I’m doing something online that is not actually work. And I only do it because my boss told me to surf for a while so I could rest my fried brain.


Ain’t it interesting, how one can be so excited about getting one thing and then, suddenly, not take advantage of it when one finally received it.

Just a thought from my work-fried brain.

Or maybe it isn’t because of work.

Maybe it’s because it’s Monday.

Blameless Vanishing

There have been several times when I felt my blood drain from my face. I mean, seriously drain from my head. I’m not saying that just as a descriptive phrase conveying surprise. There were times when I literally felt like I was going to faint, or maybe fall over like comedic anime characters usually do.

One of those times was about two hours ago. I went to one of my numerous webpages to get an image for…some reason I don’t have time to write about. But, instead of my webpage appearing on the screen, Yahoo! Geocities greets me.

“Sorry, the webpage you requested was not found.”

Ah, yes. The dreaded phrase. But, no, that’s not my bodyfault moment yet. To cut a long story short, my web space had been…well… “reclaimed” by Yahoo! That was my eye-widening, fall-off-the-chair moment. At first I didn’t believe it. I knew there HAD to be some kind of mistake. But no~, all the images I collected were gone. Actually, if that was it, it would’ve been fine. What really bites is the fact that there were several — a LOT — of stuff I wrote… and they were gone.

Transformed into pointerless nodes floating in cyberspace.

My first impulse once I regained consciousness was shout protests and “I don’t believe this”s at the computer screen. Stuff like, “How could Yahoo! do this to me?! There’s supposed to be a warning email first, isn’t there?!”

Actually, it turns out that there was. I never got it becuase the email address I had registered there was the one I wasn’t using anymore. Well, I suppose it served me right for not updating, or at least log on once in a while.

So, for the past two hours, I’ve looked positively weird, smiling every now and then… I mean, it really IS silly, that whole encounter. Imagine, me totally freaking out just because of a webpage… I suppose my “writings” were quite a loss, add the fact that that website was the one with most hits among all my websites.

Maybe this is a good thing, now that I think about it. Now I have less websites to “worry” about. Not that I really worried about them. The site was reclaimed precisely because I haven’t been using it, so it’s not that important is it?

Sorta like a lot of things in our lives. Clutter that we have even forgotten that they were there in the first place. As my mom’s book says, “If you don’t use it, get rid of it.”

So, there, I got rid of it.


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