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Bagetsafonik releases Bagetsafonik!

After the long wait, Bagetsafonik‘s self-titled second album is finally out! Twelve tracks burned into a CD lovingly packaged by the band themselves, I think your music library has a special spot for this album.

Read Vandals on the Wall’s review of the album.

When I went to buy my copy, Bagetsafonik gave me a hard time choosing which album cover I’ll get.


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The Breakups releases the I Don’t Want to Know single

The Breakups fans, celebrate! The official single for “I Don’t Want to Know” came out on iTunes June 22! The single includes “I Don’t Want to Know”, “The Casualty”, and a brilliant cover of Michael Penn’s “Mary Lynn”. Check it out in the iTunes store.

Psych fans can also recognize this song as the one playing at the end of A Very Juliet Episode, Psych Season 4 episode 12.

The Breakups hail from Hollywoodland, California. Their classic pop sensibility and adventurous arrangements have them working in the same musical milieu as other modern pop staples like The Shins, Fountains of Wayne, Elliott Smith, Nada Surf, Wilco, and Michael Penn. Combine those modern ideas with a love for the classic sound of Emitt Rhodes, The Clash, The Zombies, and a certain “B” band from Liverpool and you have the breakups special brand of “powerless pop.”


Yesterday I was having PMS. Yeah, okay, maybe that was too much information, but whatever.

Anyway. I was having PMS. So, as I would do in times of frustration and/or exhaustion, I searched my library for music to dispel the negative vibes. (Okay, so I also search my library for fitting music for any other situation, but that’s beside the point.) Sadly, though, any song I played didn’t actually help. It only helped to block out outside noise, but none of the beloved music that I tried to listen to didn’t ease that irrational impatience and adrenaline girls get at that time of the month.

So, my day yesterday was crappy. I felt like nothing was going right and that everyone was out to destroy my day. Yes, even the boyfriend. I’ve only been my desk for less than 10 minutes and I was already wanting to throttle him.

This morning when I got to work, I was about to put Local Natives on to start my day with nice percs of Only Son. But, for some reason I pressed “F” instead of “L”. And there, listed under F was Fun. I clicked that. What played was “Be Calm”, the song that should have been my soundtrack for yesterday, and I cannot imagine why I didn’t remember to play it.

[audio:http://irondj.info/mix/file/708/01_-_Be_Calm.mp3] Be calm.
I know you feel like you are breaking down
I know that it gets so hard sometimes
Be calm

Oh, wow. The lyrics are perfect for moments when you’re near hysterical, right? It’s rock energy would have matched my frustration, and yet its slight pop-ness would have made me smile. The whole Aim and Ignite album is like that, actually, and I ended up listening to it on repeat play today. As if I was trying to make up for yesterday or something.

So, here I am, documenting this moment when I added an addition to my anti-PMS soundtrack. I hope I rememer this song (and album!) the next time I need an upper.

Music Recs – June 2009

Port O'Brien, Feist and Ben Gibbard, Gregory and the Hawk, Appleseed Cast, City and Colour, Efterklang, Helios, Scott MatthewSo here I am writing about music again. Today it’s about the good finds I got out of one of the Indie Rock Playlists for April, which provided some of my music for May and June. Before anything else, though, let me warn you that my musical mood recently is greatly affected by the rainy weather, so most of these songs are good background music to walking in–or just staring out into—the rain.

I Woke Up Today – Port O’Brien
[audio:http://mi.snowberri.jp/sarah/Port O’Brien – I Woke Up Today.mp3] Okay, remember what I just said about these songs being for the rain? Forget that for a second, because this song is for sunny, happy, energetic days. Haha! I’ve been listening to this song while preparing for work, mostly because it helps me wake up and puts a smile on my face. Port O’Brien, as I discovered sometime after learning about the band, generally has that sound that you can pop into your player on mornings to jumpstart your day. Like I said, sunny-happy.

Train Song – Feist and Ben Gibbard
[audio:http://mi.snowberri.jp/sarah/Feist and Ben Gibbard – Train Song.mp]

Let me say this now: Ben Gibbard is love. But don’t think that this is just like Postal Service and Death Cab for Cutie. Train Song is a bit more on the folk side, I think. And the lyrics, ARGH the lyrics. And I love the sound of Feist’s voice, combined Gibbard’s simple singing (no belting and melody-curling) is just ear-candy.

Boats and Birds – Gregory and the Hawk
[audio:http://mi.snowberri.jp/sarah/Gregory And The Hawk – Boats And Birds.mp3] Metaphors. Selfless love. A beautiful song. Period.

As the Little Things Go – The Appleseed Cast
[audio:http://mi.snowberri.jp/sarah/The Appleseed Cast – As the Little Things Go.mp3] Okay. Many people know that even though I like rock, I’m not so much of a fan of “RAWKKKKKK!!!” type of rock. But it seems to me (and correct me if I’m wrong here) that The Appleseed Cast is that kind of band. Regardless of that, though, I love this number right here.

As the Little Things Go is an 8-minute instrumental piece that’s perfect for—you guessed it—walking in the rain and thinking about things. It starts with a simple electric guitar riff fading into your ears before a drum beat joins it, along with soft yet soaring keyboards. I think they’re just using a simple chord progression throughout the whole song, until it suddenly pauses in the middle, and then picks up to a climax. Love it, love it.

The Girl – City and Colour
[audio:http://mi.snowberri.jp/sarah/City And Colour – The Girl.mp3] There’s something about songs or stories about separated people that appeal to me. I don’t really know why. (If you know me well enough, you’ve probably noticed this, too.) The Girl is one of those songs. The singer is singing to a girl far away and promises her that he’s still hers. Now, let’s hear a collective “Awwww”.

This song, though, is especially interesting to me because of its music. The song has three parts—and I don’t really know why it has three parts; that’s the most curious thing about it—and I think it’s supposed to let you interpret the song in any way you want to. I think. Or something like that. I already made several possible back stories for the song. Heeeeeee.

Him Poe Poe – Efterklang
[audio:http://mi.snowberri.jp/sarah/Efterklang – Him Poe Poe.mp3] Another semi-instrumental song with very short, and almost inaudible lyrics. A wordplay on, “All the words they’re singing out, tell the birds to bring it out of the world…” repeats for a few seconds before giving way to the string section. Love it. 🙂

Signed I Wish You Well – Helios
[audio:http://mi.snowberri.jp/sarah/music/Helios – Signed I Wish You Well.mp3] “Another lazy day, rainy day, stay home day.” He had me at the first line of lyrics.

Little Bird – Scott Matthew
[audio:http://mi.snowberri.jp/sarah/Scott Matthew – Little Bird.mp3] I like listening to this one when I’m in bed waiting to fall asleep. It has music box properties, and if you tilt your head and squint, it *is* a happy song as the singer says. Scott Matthew’s somewhat hoarse voice, along with the choice of instruments (or lack thereof) makes great bedtime music.

So yey. Music recs for the month. Any recommendations you have for me? 🙂

[Except you, Paolo, hold the recommendations. Ang dami ko pang utang sa yo. Haha!]

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