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Eraserheads Reunion Concert: The Final Set

So there was news yesterday on PhilStar about the Eraserheads concert “The Final Set” (aptly named because of what happened in the gig on 08.30.08) that is set to happen on 03.07.09.

Of course, everyone I know (myself included) were jumping up and down with joy, and a lot of us were hoping that this news was, indeed for real. (Most of us were hoping for this to happen at the end of 2009; none of us expected it to be this early in the year!)

Today I got a forwarded email through the ever-trustworthy Circus mailing list. It was an email from Raimund, posted in the Pedicab mailing list. Check it.

Subject: Eheads 09
Date: January 11, 2009 Sunday
dear kids

i got a lot of messages yesterday asking about the eraserheads
concert. apparently there was a press release already in the papers.
anyhoo, here’s what i got so far.

yes its true. that much i know. but after the first one i got darwin
(soupstar, sandwich) to iron out my concerns before anything.i want
this one to be smoother. in other words i just want to rock.

the band has not me yet officially but i know the promoters have been
talking with our respective representatives since december.

we have a dysfunctional relationship haha. we play well together but i
think we can only stand each other for short periods of time.

i see buddy a lot cos were band mates in cambio. i bumped into marcus
at mogwai last week. he just got back from the beach. im glad ely’s
getting his groove back. sandwich played with pupil at guijo last friday.

we dont talk about the show. i know everyone agreed to do it so ill
guess well see each other at the presscon or rehearsals , whichever
comes first.

this wont be as top secret as the marlboro gig. there will be tickets,
sponsors and details in the papers. and well be allowed to talk about
it. haha.

PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL OR TEXT ME about it. its just a rock show. i just
want to rock.

see you all there


Oh yeah! Thank you, Raims, for not making us wait until January 19 for the “official” media release! And thank you, Ely, Raimund, Buddy and Marcus, for the music. Tuloy lang ang ligaya.

Fruitcake Book to be released December 2008!

This is the moment a million of the Eraserheads fans around the world are waiting for! (Or, since the moment was the Eraserheads reunion concert, let’s make this one of the moments.)
By popular demand, Anvil Publishing is releasing the Fruitcake book! According to Anvil’s Facebook Ani V Habulan announces:

pahabol releases for last-minute christmas shopping: if all goes well, we’ll be releasing the reprinted edition of the ERASERHEADS’ short YA novel, *Fruitcake*, with a tweaked cover layout (thanks to the amazing Cynthia Bauzon-Arre) tomorrow!

WOW! This is awesome, awesome news! And reason for all of us to celebrate! I’m excited to see what the new cover looks like. 🙂 Now, there’s going to be Fruitcake for everybody!
Take a bite, it’s all right~

Eraserheads Reunion Concert – Theatrical Release

What do you do when you get to stand less than one meter away from three of the most legendary, influential, and iconic musicians of your time? Some people may scream, some people may faint, some people may throw themselves at the said musicians and wipe their handkerchiefs on their faces.
I did none of those things. I just smiled. And smiled. And smiled. And I still could NOT stop smiling even though my facial muscles were starting to get numb.
I actually wasn’t planning on watching the theatrical release of the Eraserheads Reunion Concert because I was there at the actual event. I mean, what for, right? A movie version couldn’t possibly beat rocking out in a pumped up crowd while the reunited Eraserheads play it out LIVE on stage. So despite the excitement in the Eraserheads community I only smiled encouragingly and said, “Enjoy, you guys!”
The movie premiered on Monday, November 24, 2008 at Megamall. That night found me at home early, eating dinner and tidying up the house. Until Darwin, one of the Circus listers, sent me a text message that said, “Sarah, go to Megamall. Now. I’ve got tickets.”
Oooh, free tickets. Nice. Good thing Megamall was close by, so I got there in 30 minutes. I’m going to have to admit that despite my initial reluctance, I got more excited the closer I got to the cinema. After all, I’ll get to relive the reunion concert, no matter how toned down the ambiance may be. When I got to the cinemas, I got my ticket and got to meet other Circus listers. Just waiting for the movie was fun, actually. I finally got to meet more online friends! Yey!
So we were just hanging around outside the theater when Marcus Adoro walks by with his bandmates. Twice. I didn’t have a camera. Fail. Hi, Makoy. Oh well.
Hanging around, hanging around, and then whoa Buddy Zabala walks by. Uh… Hi, Buddy. Darn, I really wish I brought a camera.
And then we were hanging around, hanging around… And then Ely Buendia walks by. I finally remember that I had a CAMERAphone, so I whipped it out and took a video. Score! But then when I checked my recording, I realized that it was set to low resolution. So I can’t post it online because you can’t see anything that makes sense. Hay. FAIL.
(If anyone’s wondering: Raimund was shooting the FX video with Pedicab.)
So we got in line to get into Cinema 10, while the other people line up for Cinema 9. (yes, there were two theaters for the premier.) And then while we were waiting to get in, Day Cabuhat, Ely’s manager passes by and goes, “Hey, why are you guys lined up for Cinema 10? The boys are in Cinema 9.”
Oh, drat.
“Here, I’ve got Ely’s tickets. Use these.”
Oh. My. Goodness!!!
Needless to say, I was grinning like a giddy schoolgirl at this point, nearly jumping up and down where I stood, because the tickets Ms. Day gave us wasn’t just tickets to the same cinema, but VIP tickets!!! (Ms. Day, if you’re reading this, you are awesome!)
So we filed into the theater, passing in front of Ely and Marcus (and Diane and Day and Eon and their other friends). Too bad they were being interviewed so we couldn’t say hello.
Before the main feature, we also got to watch short films by Marcus and Ely. Marcus’ short film was “The Artist is In”, which portrays an artist’s journey –read: struggle– to creation. Ely’s, on the other hand, was entitled “Waiting Shed”, and follows a night in (what else?) a waiting shed. Both films didn’t use direct story-telling, and the shot composition was insteresting. But since any review I make probably won’t do the films justice, I suggest you go and try to catch them when you can.
And then it was time for the main feature. The countdown started, everyone was excited, everyone was counting down as we did at the concert… 3… 2… 1…
and the video stops.
Hilarity ensues.
There was a collective exclamation of “What?!”, Diane yells for a refund, and Ely stands up to declare pack-up. Of course, since we were all fans in there, everyone just laughed it off until the video started again.
Watching the movie was better than I had expected. We were all teleported back to that day, and we found ourselves singing to the songs as if we were at a concert, never mind that we were sitting down in an airconditioned theater. The audio was great, and the shots used were awesome. I especially loved the crowd shots because you could see that great sea of people who had come to watch, and remember the days…. And it was awesome to know that I was part of that. Watching the movie felt almost as awesome as being there, minus the LIVEness of being in the actual concert, but plus the good knowledge that no one was collapsing backstage and had to be rushed to the hospital.
So despite my initial disinterest, it turned out that November 24, 2008 was one of the most rocking, awesome, and surreal nights of my life, coming in second to 08.30.08. Because, really, there’s no substitute for the real thing.

Sa Tollgate – Ely Buendia

Here’s Sa Tollgate by Ely Buendia, posted, again, by popular demand. Hehe. I’m sure a lot of you have already heard the track in the Eraserheads Anthology 2, but this here is a remix done by Jeff Junatas. Lyrics and chords found below the skip. The chords are by briefconcert from the Circus Mailing list. (Sorry, I don’t know your real name!) If you guys want news and first looks (er… hear?) like this, go and join the mailing list!

Listen to Sa Tollgate

Sa Tollgate Lyrics (Chords, and the notes that follow after, by briefconcert)
(E. Buendia, 1998)

Intro: F-F


C       EM
gumising ka
Am      G    F
nasa tollgate na tayo
C          Em
may hawak-hawak pang
Am     G         F
gusot-gusot na dyaryo
c      Em
di ko alam
Am      G        F
kung bat biglang nagyaya
C        Em
basta't sabi mo
Am    G     F
ayaw mo na silang

F   C       F    C
puno ng gasolina ang isip mo
F    C        F       C
tumawag pa kanina ang boypren mo
F      C        F     C
buwan ay parang ulo na nabibilog
mga paa'y natutulog
F     F-C

(Same as Stanza I)
gumising ka
nasa tollgate na tayo
sa punit-punit na radyo
sumasayaw mga poste ng ilaw
huwag kang lumingon sa likod baka may makitang

(Same as Chorus)
kaya't kayong mga bata makinig kayo
wag nakikisali sa hindi nyo gulo
kung ayaw niyong maiwan, di magsama kayo
at kung wala kayong alam
mabuti pa'y mag-ahit na lang


Am      F#*
hey now now
Am      F#*
hey now now

(1, 2, 3) ----> rhythm count

F C  --F-C
tabe mo muna
(gising na, nasa tollgate na)

x2 (same as above)
tabe mo muna
(lala la la lala la)

tabe mo muna
F -----F-F-Am (hold)


1. D7 is like this (not good w/ chord names, I just wanna be sure), right?


2. During the chorus (or during the F-C chord progressions),
F is suppossed to be played like:


3. Because I’m not sure w/c chord is that played during the bridge (after the Am),
nag-imbento ako! It goes something like this.


4. Please don’t give me a “the song was played on A, not C” type of stuff.
If you transpose it to C, it’d just be the same chord progression. When I played the CD and
listened to the song, it matched the opening chord matched C, so I took it from there. Plus
it’s easier to play in that note IMO.

Ely Buendia on Magic 89.9

Ely Buendia did an interview with Magic 89.9, a reason enough for me to turn on the radio. I haven’t listened to the radio in AGES (Youtube and imeem are now my radio stations hehe), but thanks to an alert from Kiefer in the Circus Mailing list— hello~, listers!– I learned about the scheduled interview.

So, anyway. Here’s a recording, and excerpts from the interview.


So how is Ely now?
“I’m doing very good. Just saw my doctor last week and said I’m in, uh, good shape.”

Suzy: “What’s next for you now that you’re in tip-top shape? What can we expect?”
Ely: “Well, I’ll be doing, I’ll be going back to playing gigs in a couple of weeks, so I’m pretty excited about that.”

Suzy: “A couple of weeks? Wow! You’re superman!”
Ely: “No, I’m the six-million dollar man.”

Suzy: “I thought it was 10?” [tawanan]Ely: “No, it’s only six.” [tawa din]

May part 2 daw ba ng eheads reunion?
“I don’t really know yet… But if they… have a good plan, and nice budget [tawa]… Definitely I’m willing to do it. Syempre, bitin din ako, e.”

And how about Pupil?

“Pupil did a couple of shows without me… and they’re doing well.  [tawa] But as I said, I’m excited to go back playing with them.”

Talaga bang pwede na siyang mag-gig ulit?
Okay daw talaga  in two weeks, sabi nung doktor.

Nakakaaliw yung tawa ni Ely tuwing nagfa-fangirl mode si Suzy Lalo yung part na:
Suzy: “Isusulat ko to sa diary ko.”
Ely: “Good luck.”

Ely rocks. Period.

Eraserheads Reunion

Tonight was one of the most fun, awesome, rocking and…surreal nights of my life.

Tonight was the long-awaited Eraserheads Reunion Concert, which had become more and more epic as each day passed. There’s a lot of history leading to that statement, but to cut a long story short: the concert was a rumor, and then it was confirmed, and then the whole ticketing business was shrouded in mystery, and then word came out that it wasn’t going to push through, and then it was going to push through, and that was announced three days before the concert and then Ely Buendia’s mother passed away, but the concert still pushed through. (Er…that wasn’t too short, was it?) Read full post…

Honestly, I kind of hoped that they would postpone the concert, even if I’m a super Eraserheads fan. I mean, SERIOUSLY. The frontman’s mother just passed away. I personally would like him to spend time with his family and all, instead of going on stage just because the show must go on. There was a lot of stress on the whole band because of the reunion concert alone, and Ely’s mom’s passing would add to the stress! But they decided to go with the concert, so…yeah.

Being total Eraserheads fans, Ivy and I met at Serendra for lunch so we could go inside the concert grounds early and get a decent position. We had lunch at Conti’s (and had this super yummy Mocha Frappe!!!) before heading on over to the concert grounds. We met June and Izay and their many other friends. Too bad I didn’t see my brother and the rest of the Bagetsafonik boys… and I didn’t see the many other bloggers who were there, too. Ah well.

The concert was AWESOME. There was a 10-minute countdown (I think that was kind of too long. They should’ve just counted down from 5 minutes max) before the band launched the concert with Alapaap, which, for me, was the perfect song to start the concert with. There was fireworks and pyrotechnics and all that jazz, but even without the flashy stuff, the first song ROCKED. And so did all the other songs.

MAN, I gotta tell you: the Eraserheads really were something else. As much as I love Ely in Pupil, Buddy in The Dawn, Raimund in Sandwich, and Marcus in Marcus Highway, there really was something different when they put their Heads together. Their chemistry was different, and MAN they were awesome tonight!!! I don’t know about everybody else, but to me, it was as if the band hadn’t stopped playing together. (And it was as if there wasn’t any friction before, either. They all complemented each other, and no one outstaged anybody else.)

They played their songs flawlessly. From Ligaya to With a Smile to Hey Jay, Sembreak, Kaliwete, Fruitcake, Shake Yer Head, and all the other songs in the awesome first set. I loved it when Raimund stood up behind the drums in Harana. I don’t know why, really. Haha! Buddy’s basslines was LUV and Ely was…well… Ely. ‘Nuff said. Too bad Marcus’ hand had more video exposure than Marcus himself. Hehe.

The crowd was going crazy (myself included) because… well, this was just the band that pretty much left a HUGE dent in Philippine music and helped shape it as we know it today. Those guys are legends. And they pretty much shaped my musical preferences, too, since I grew up listening to them since I was in 3rd grade.

They played my three most favorite songs: Minsan, Huwag Kang Matakot and, finally, LIGHTYEARS!!! My ultimate favorite song EVER!!! That was their last song for the first set, and they went backstage for a 20-minute intermission.

So, again, the countdown clock was flashed on the screen, and we were all taking it easy…

Until the 20-minute countdown disappeared. It was weird, and we decided that it must be because the people involved (band and crew?) thought that maybe they couldn’t go on in 20 minutes. This was perfectly fine, of course… but I felt really weird then. Somehow I felt that something was wrong…especially since Ely sat down onstage after Lightyears. Well, the guy must be tired after everything that’s happened, so…yeah.

Twenty minutes passed, and the band wasn’t back on stage.

Another minute. And another. And another.

I was starting to wonder what was going on backstage.

And then some people went on stage. Crew people attending to the instruments. And then some more people came on stage. Buddy, Marcus, and Raimund. And they were not making their way to their instruments. And Ely was not on stage with them.

No way.

Instead of Ely, there was a girl with Buddy, whom he introduced as Lally Buendia, Ely’s sister.

No. Way.

And then Lally announced that Ely had to be rushed to the hospital because of emotional stress.

NO. WAY!!!

photo by Jorem Catillo

So, yeah, the concert had to be cut short. But honestly? I didn’t have the mind to be frustrated over that. I was worred about Ely! Waaaaa! A dude from MTV called a one-minute silent prayer for Ely. After that we were requested to exit the concert grounds in an orderly fashion.

The audience didn’t move.

We were all hanging around, sort of waiting for more news or…something. I was feeling incredibly strage. I mean, one minute I was feeling ecstatic because I was watching one of my favorite bands of all time in a reunion concert, and then suddenly the vocalist and writer was in the hospital. GAAAAH! It was surreal!

Realizing that being in a daze wasn’t helping, Ivy and I left t
o go home, and while we were walking we decided to pray a bit more for Ely and his family, and the rest of the Heads, as well. I think those prayers calmed us some, too…

And so here I am, 2 hours later, safe at home. I was informed a few minutes ago that Ely was conscious, and that his condition was stable. PHEW! Thank God. Even so, I’ll keep praying for them. The guy needs rest. I’m praying even more for Lally. I mean, she just lost her mother, and now her brother was collapsing in a concert. MAN. I can’t even begin to imagine how she’s feeling.

So, yes, the night took a weird turn that no one expected. But I, for one, was satisfied with how the concert turned out (excluding the Ely collapsing bit). I would have wanted more songs, of course, but the first set has already made me happy. Watching the Heads perform those first 15 songs together, after so long, was already worth my 1300-peso ticket. A part two of this reunion would be nice, but I’m not expecting it… And if it should happen, I don’t think it’ll be any time soon. But I’ll be keeping my ears open. Meanwhile, let’s pray for Ely and his family during this time of mourning.

Eraserheads Reunion Concert. FINALLY.

I am SO gonna be there! *insert fangirl screech right here* It’s going to be, like, a sort of birthday gift to myself! (Since the concert’s on August 30, and my birthday’s September 4th… Close enough.)

Many rumors have been flying around recently, and I didn’t want to believe them at first… And now YES! They’ve have finally been confirmed in the Philippine Star yesterday. And, of course, e-heads fans like me are having a field day with this. I’ve been giddy over it since yesterday, but I’m a bit worried about getting tickets. They’re going to sell really, really, really fast, I’m sure.

I know it’s probably close to impossible, but I’m wishing that I can get front-ish tickets like I the ones I won from Jam 88.3 for the Ultralectromagneticjam concert. But since the venue will be the CCP Open Field, I’m thinking it’ll probably be free-seating — wrong term, I know, because it’s not like anybody‘s going to stay seated in an Eraserheads concert. Ahehe.

So, anyway. We’ll see what happens.



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