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currently: 03-19-2013

Listening to The Civil Wars, A Fine Frenzy, I’m From Barcelona, Mumford & Sons, The Lumineers. Seems like I’ve been leaning towards the indie folk recently. I regret nothing.

Watching The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. Also catching up on Castle and Bones. Also catching up on all the movies I’ve missed seeing in the theater recently. *sigh*

Rereading Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes. And Persuasion because I just bought a gorgeous hard-bound copy!

Eating Ego Oat Digestive Crackers. The one with the red wrapper. Because they are awesome. I mean, seriously, even if you hate oats, TRY THIS ONE.

Writing this blog post. Hooray! Also, a brand manual. It is…challenging.

Dreaming of the day I will finally get to visit to Japan. And Europe. And the world. Because it will happen, I tell you! (Pray with me about it, yes?)

currently :: October 2009

It’s been a while, but yey~


With Chuck‘s new season not coming out until March–MARCH!!!–2010, I busied myself with other TV shows I’ve kept putting off to watch. Hehe.

Psych – on break until January 2010. Darn it.

Castle – only started watching this month when Kuya JB recommended it. Hehe.

White Collar – ABC’s new series. Matt Bomer’s in it. It’s funnyyyyyyyy~ 😀

The Big Bang Theory – Nerds and geeks shall rule the world.

Glee – I can never listen to All the Single Ladies again without laughing.

Heroes – I’ve been sporadically watching Season 3. I have to finish this soon.


Pride and Prejudice with this awesome cover. Heeeeeee~ ^___________^


Frozen Yoghurt. I’ve always loved yoghurt ever since I was a kid, but recently I’ve been having these cravings lol.

Should be

– writing many reviews of the movies I recently watched: Astroboy, Fame, 500 Days of Summer, and many more.

– exercising more

– playing my violin



currently :: 10-31-2007

By popular demand, I’ll post something. And that something is… a list. Oh, joy.

Lately: I’ve been…

Reading manga.

Reading books: Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman, Persuasion by Jane Austen, and The Lions of Al-Rassan by Guy Gavriel Kay.

Working my butt off. I’ve been insanely busy the past weeks, but I’ve actually been having fun. leGASP! Yes. I’m not being sarcastic. I’m actually enjoying my job again. Of course, my schedule still sucks, and my wallet’s still in agony, and bills have been screaming at me, but…yeah. I’m smiling again. Tiredly, but smiling nonetheless.

Planning for NaNoWriMo only to scrap all plans, and then replanning, and then scrapping them again, only to end up deciding to say “oh, whatever” and NOT to have any plans at all for it. At first I wanted to have an outline of some sort, or at least a main plot, before diving into this, but since I’ve ALWAYS planned my stories, I thought I’d try something new. And, hey, top-of-the-head writing is the whole point of NaNoWriMo, anyway. Heeheehee.

Writing Nathaniel and the Orphan. If you’re my reader, do not fear. I am writing it. Seriously. I’m just… Having a really really hard time because I’m nearing the end of the book.

Rereading the Blue Star stories. Just for the heck of it. I didn’t really plan to: one day I just saw my FPcom profile and saw my old titles. I checked out the first episode I ever wrote, and before I knew it, I was sucked into the Blue Star world all over again.

Trying to pick up The Death and Life of Matsuo Yuuji. Yes, omg, I tried to write a new chapter. I really did. I haven’t written a word of it, though, but…I tried. Yes. I think this was brought about by my rereading of Blue Star. Haha!

So…obviously, I’ve been writing a whole lot of things (or trying, anyway) that if I actually had a writing blog, I would’ve had a gazillion posts already as I vent out my frustrations and crappy ideas. Heh.

currently version whatever

Still swamped at work, as always. Though what I’m doing now isn’t what I usually do, I’m still working my butt off. Arrr. But hey, as much as I complain sometimes, I’m not complaining.

A lot of things, actually. There’s a handful of unfinished books in my shelf, although nearly half of them, I’ve finished reading once before, like The Hobbit. The Lupin books are in my PC, though. I wish I was reading The Tower of Geburah again. I don’t know why, but with the brewing talk of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows, I suddenly missed Geburah. Hm. I don’t know the connection, though… Magic, maybe?

Prison Break – Blame it on Scofield. Season 3 won’t start til September… Rawrrrrrr.

RomeoxJuliet – Probably the only anime I’m watching right now. Hehe.

Heroes – Prison Break kind of dethroned this from the top of my “addicted to” list, probably because they keep taking them so-called breaks. The season’s ending in a few weeks, I think, since Episode 20’s coming out tomorrow… I’m sure the season ender’s going to be a cliffie, and then the next season won’t be for several months again. Argh.

Lost – I’m kind of beginning to lose interest, actually. Partly because of Prison Break, partly because I’m a Jate fan. Hihihi.

Listening to
Phantom Planet, Michael Buble, Jason Mraz, and Duncan Shiek on repeat play. but I’m kind of looking into Carpenters songs because my brother said it’s the right range for me. Plus I discovered that I can sing Carpenters songs almost flawlessly in front of an audience, even with a migraine pounding my head.

Nothing. I enjoyed myself too much with my Tofu Steak lunch. ^_^

C2. What else?

For the first time in almost four years…. I’m writing Java code. Surprising, I know. Java was my favorite PL in my sophomore year (and still is, I guess), but it’s been four freakin’ years since I did any programming! It feels silly to be researching on the foundational classes all over again. *sigh*

That holidays are holidays for me, too.


things that I’m doing
1. making a website
2. studying…stuff for work
3. downloading manga and anime while working
4. watching anime and reading manga during lunch break
5. writing KoS

things I’m wishing for
1. a new flash drive (my old one disappeared)
2. a tablet
3. lots and LOTS of CDs to put my new downloads in
4. a car (and proper driving lessons before then)
5. world peace!

things that I miss
1. my grandma
2. stargazing
3. week-ends
4. percussion freaks
5. goofing off in starbucks

things that piss me off
1. inconsiderate drivers
2. jaywalkers
3. spam in my email
4. selfish, inconsiderate, insensitive idiots who insult things I like in front of me (and they know I like it) just because they don’t like it themselves. [i mean, sheesh! keep it to yourself or just bash it when i’m not around!!!! >_< ] 5. people pestering me, asking me when i'm gonna get married (i'm only twenty-freakin'-two years old!!! lay off, why dontcha?!) things that make me happy
1. chibi heads with razor eyes and jagged teeth
2. Eikoku Monogatari Emma
3. Kyou Kara Maou
4. my mp3s
5. my job

seems I’m too much into enumerating things, recently, eh?

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