Yeah. Sarah is a very picky person when it comes to proper behavior in the movie house.

We watched The Kingdom of Heaven today. Can I just say that Orlando Bloom’s character was just… just… YEAH! Mehehehe. Asteeeeg, pare.

[Clarification: Yes, I think that Orlando Bloom’s a pretty boy, but NO, I am not his shrieking fangirl. Of some of his characters, maybe, but not him. I respect the actor, though.]

It was a cool movie, but something I will definitely NOT let a 13-year-old kid watch. It ain’t exactly Battle Royale, but it’s got blood and gore nonetheless. Yeah. Blood splattering all around.To be honest, I liked the characters and politics and dialogs more than the action. I actually like the (sort of) antoganist! Yeah! Go saladin! Come to think of it, he isn’t the antagonist at all…

But then there were annoying people all around us. Before the movie started, there was this kid who kept talking behind us. We made those meaningful glances, and tried to do the “SSSSSHHH!!!” strategy, but it didn’t work. So, about two minutes into the movie, we moved a few seats away.

Yes. Silence.

And then this guy beside me was eating chips. Ok, so he was munching the chips quite quietly. Tolerable. What I couldn’t tolerate was that the BAG of chips was making irritable noise. I mean, you could eat a bag of chips without holding the bag so tightly, right?!


And then this guy sitting in front of my mom was talking with his girlfriend over the text messages — messages. Plural. As in MANY. — his friend sent him. And his phone had a white backlight that could pass off as a flashlight.


After a few minutes of torment, I finally bent over and tapped him on the shoulder.

Aarah: “Uh… Excuse me… I’m sorry for interrupting, but do you have ANY intention of watching the movie or are you going to just talk?”

The guy shut up. HA. So he didn’t apologize (he didn’t say anything at all) to me, but it was fine. We finally got to concentrate on the movie.

And then, afterwards, I got me sunglasses! YEY! After… uh… lessee *counts fingers* 12—- oh mhay ghulay! TWELVE!!!! — years of not wearing sunglasses (or if I wear a pair at all, I wouldn’t be able to recognize anyone), I finally got me a pair! Yey!

Kung kelan wala na ako sa LB, e…..

Oh well. At least I have sunglasses…. *giggle* Yeah, I’m repeating myself. And yeah, I’m being very shallow right now. Sue me.