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New ‘do for the new year…ish.

A month ago, I had a 30-peso haircut in a street side parlor near our apartment. My hair was getting rather long, see–longest I’ve ever had it, I think–and I SO wanted to have it cut, but I had to work overtime that day so most salons were closed…until I saw that street side one near our apartment, and I figured that it was better than nothing.

i ended up looking like this.

A photo shoot in the CR lol

Okay, so it wasn’t my best haircut in my life, but I thought it was pretty okay. Especially given the price….

At least I did for three weeks. Continue reading

Day 2 with Calvin

Today I sent the ex-boyfriend back to IT. I couldn’t help but sigh when I did. I’ll really miss him. 🙁

Calvin meets MachiavelliMeanwhile, Calvin meets Machiavelli… who has Calvin and Hobbes as his wallpaper
(Machiavelli is Ganns’ MacBook Pro, in case anyone’s wondering.)

IT, a few minutes later, sent me back the hard drive so I can transfer my files onto Calvin. I had a Hannibal Lecter moment then.

Calvin downloads memories~

I made sure to transfer everything, this time. (The last time I had move files from (and to) the boyfriend, I lost all my unpublished photos 🙁

ANYWAY. Calvin has my web developer tools now, and my music.

Calvin meets the ex-boyfriend

As a good friend of mine noted, it was kind of awkward.

Oh, right: for those who don’t know, “the boyfriend” is my dependable constant companion of four years. My  Lenovo Thinkpad T61.

Ah, yes. The boyfriend and I have been through good times, bad times, happy times and stressful times many, many, MANY times. But those times have come to an end, because the boyfriend is now the ex-boyfriend. I’ll remember our time together fondly.

Now, I am on my new office-issued MacBook Pro. Calvin. So named because…well, that was the first name that sprang to mind when IT brought him in–and somehow my brain thought it made sense when it thought, “MacBook Pro-> Lion -> Tiger -> Hobbes -> Calvin”.

So. Ex-boyfriend, meet Calvin. Calvin, meet the ex-boyfriend. And the world.

The ex-boyfriend meets Calvin

“Smooth” and “braided” don’t belong in the same sentence

…unless you add “soap” in there.

When I was a kid I usually put on hair accessories, <small>never the frilly ones, mind</small>, but they also usually fell out of my hair when I played with my friends. Which eventually made me just wear a headband or pull my hair into a ponytail, which eventually fell out of place, anyway. I so envied people with curly hair who could get away with not combing, and can so easily fix their hair into updos. 🙁

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They bring me the music

There are times when you miss something, and there are times when you MISS something. As in ache in your chest, giant sigh, I-really-really-REALLY-want-them-back kind of missing something.

Half the time the past four weeks, I had to do without one of the things I cannot live without. Music. Because I had to do without two of the five things I cannot leave the house without. Eric and Phillip. Continue reading

Back to Blogging

My blogging pattern for the last year:
“I’m going back to blogging,” I say.
I blog a few posts.
I stop.

Blog. Stop. Rinse. Repeat.

It’s not healthy, especially for my I-must-process-everything-by-saying-or-writing-it brain. Continue reading

The Last Three Months in Burbank

Tonight, the contents of my kitchen was packed into two boxes. I wish I can say I had the narrative genius to weave an interesting story about packing soy sauce and vinegar and our McCormick spices, but… I don’t think I’m that awesome of a writer. At least not tonight.

Not my refrigerator. But just as uninteresting.

So I shall tell you about another story, one is about hope, disappointment, and resolve. This is story is about finding a house and/or housemate. Continue reading

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