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The name, Sarah.

The occupation, web designer.

The passion, creative writing.

Hi, I’m Sarah, and this is my journal. I ramble about life, music, movies and books.

Wow, you’re still reading. Cool.

I’m a girl who can’t stop talking. Sorry, but it’s just my nature. I suppose it stems from my being the “darling” (or the mascot, as one of my brothers said once) of my family, since I’m the youngest of four, and an only girl at that. When I began to write, my talkative tendencies spilled onto paper. I think I started writing in a “journal” before I even knew what a journal was. (I put it in quotes because the journal never actually existed, it was just pieces of paper that I eventually misplaced.)

Writing is therapeutic for me, be it to record my exciting (or otherwise irritating) days, or to fabricate worlds that don’t exist and play with the characters I made up in my brain. I found that there were people who liked my writings, and some even picked up life lessons from them. And, really, that’s what’s the best thing about being a writer: making a dent and adding value to another’s life.

If, by any chance, you are one of those people whom my works affected in any way, then drop me a line and add a smile to my day.

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  1. I love you, Sarah!
    -Anie (UPLB ’05)

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