(aside from trying to sleep it off after taking meds)

1. Tweet
Because attempting to tweet something interesting about a seemingly uninteresting day can make that said day a tad bit more interesting.


2. Play the guitar
I’ve been out of practice. So this is the perfect opportunity to be forced to practice. Thankfully, playing the guitar doesn’t require being seated because I barely survived sitting up for five minutes.

3. Read
Requires the lack of that burning-behind-the-eyes sensation, though, so I gave up after a few minutes.

4. Movie or TV series marathon
Oddly enough, the burning-behind-the-eyes sensation does not affect watching things. My chosen title for this week is Game of Thrones, because GAME OF THRONES.

5. Write a blog post about being sick for a week.
You can do it Captain’s Log style.

Day 1 – 3: Headache. Not migraine for once. Hooray?
Day 4: Went to work. Headache has evolved to lightheadedness with added scratchy throat. NOT Hooray.
Day 5: Low grade fever on the outside, hell on the inside. I feel like I have lasers behind my eyes.
Day 6: Still low grade fever on the outside, but I think it broke this morning. Must go back to work tomorrow.
Day 7: Still coughing like a direwolf, but otherwise functional.

And that explains the existence of this blog post.