The other day on my Twitter account:

This tweet was brought on by my attempting to play the guitar after almost a year of not touching it. I don’t know how I managed, but there it is.

My playing was…appalling.

I think I only ever sounded as bad when I locked myself in my room teach myself how to play the guitar for the first time. No exaggeration. My fingers were weak, my thinking was off, and I couldn’t even song and play at the same time anymore.

This isn’t to say that this guitarlessness is a first occurrence, but every single time I picked up my guitar again, I could play it as if no time had passed since the last time I held it. But the thing is: If I didn’t stop, if I really, truly practiced all that time, I’d be better, even for a tiny bit , you know, that’s what happens when we practice.

Practice makes perfect. We all know that. But no practice doesn’t just make not quite perfect. It can make TERRIBLE.

It made me wonder at other things I don’t practice anymore but should.