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Calvin meets the ex-boyfriend

As a good friend of mine noted, it was kind of awkward.

Oh, right: for those who don’t know, “the boyfriend” is my dependable constant companion of four years. My  Lenovo Thinkpad T61.

Ah, yes. The boyfriend and I have been through good times, bad times, happy times and stressful times many, many, MANY times. But those times have come to an end, because the boyfriend is now the ex-boyfriend. I’ll remember our time together fondly.

Now, I am on my new office-issued MacBook Pro. Calvin. So named because…well, that was the first name that sprang to mind when IT brought him in–and somehow my brain thought it made sense when it thought, “MacBook Pro-> Lion -> Tiger -> Hobbes -> Calvin”.

So. Ex-boyfriend, meet Calvin. Calvin, meet the ex-boyfriend. And the world.

The ex-boyfriend meets Calvin

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  1. It made me think if you have a real life boyfriend? 😉

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