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They bring me the music

There are times when you miss something, and there are times when you MISS something. As in ache in your chest, giant sigh, I-really-really-REALLY-want-them-back kind of missing something.

Half the time the past four weeks, I had to do without one of the things I cannot live without. Music. Because I had to do without two of the five things I cannot leave the house without. Eric and Phillip.

My phone and my mp3 player.

Like brothers in arms, these two.

Very unoriginal to give them those names, but hey, they’re nice names. And they’re also the names of two of my favorite Disney princes aside from Flynn Rider. Except Flynn doesn’t even count as a Disney Prince because he’s not really one by blood. Disney Hero, maybe.

I digress.

My phone and my mp3 player. Haven’t been with them for the past weeks. I’ve had to revert back to my old, non-Walkman phone because I had to have my real phone repaired, and I didn’t have my mp3 player because I had to lend it to my band. Thus, the only time I ever got to hear my music this month was when I was using my laptop.


But now they’re back! The phone’s in full form, and the mp3 player’s in my pocket.


On other news: contemplating finally getting a data plan for my mobile. Thoughts?

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  1. Yay, music! What are you listening to these days?

    I MISS my old iPod. It was massive. It carried albums and can play songs all day. But alas, 3.5mm jack is broken. Only the right channel sounds come out.

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