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Disney’s Tangled: bring on the hair!

To be completely honest, although I’ve enjoyed all Disney’s animated films, nothing affected me so much after Lion King. But by the looks of it, Tangled is going to make me feel like a kid again. Mostly because we’re going back to the castle, and how Disney princess used to be.

And, come on, just look at the cast! We have:

A feisty heroine. A damsel in distress, but at the same time…not.

A snarky hero. I LOVE SNARKY HEROES. Having smoldering eyes and Zachary Levi’s voice is DEFINITELY a plus.

Add this horse. This horse will be awesome. I know it.

And this chameleon. As far as cuddly animal friends go, this little guy looks like a kick-ass one.

I am certain that I’m going to LOVE this movie.

Like most Disney Princess movies, this one tweaks the story a bit and goes beyond just revolving around Rapunzel’s tower, but all the important elements are there. There’s the girl, there’s the tower, there’s the jailer-type “mother”, there’s the hero, and there’s the hair. Lots of it. And it looks awesome! Need proof? Watch this video. (No spoilers, don’t worry.)


I’ve been trying to restrain myself from getting too excited, but I’m actually jumping up and down here. I can’t wait!

TANGLED is coming to the Philippines on February 2, 2010 in Disney Digital 3Dā„¢ and regular format.

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  1. Enjoyed it beyond words! One of my favorite Disney flicks.

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