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True Confessions! A Girl’s Hair is Her Life!

Yesterday, I sat down on a chair, tilted my head forward, felt a pair of scissors slide on the nape of my neck, and, with my eyes closed, heard a very audible SNIP.

Ah, I could just imagine how my hair fell from the blades down to the floor.

I sort of felt like Akane in the 9th episode of Ranma 1/2, only without the anger and the shock, since I did know that I was actually getting a haircut, whereas Akane’s long, deep blue locks were unceremoniously chopped off in the midst of a battle between two rival martial artists. But the thing is: even though I knew (and paid for) a haircut, I didn’t know what I was going to look like afterward. I had no mirror in front of me, and, even though my hairdresser told me (while snipping my hair off) that I was getting an apple cut, I had no idea what on earth an apple cut was. But judging from the location of the scissors, and how the cool air brushed the back of my neck, I was guessing that it was probably short.

After my hairdresser was done, he gave me a mirror, and, true enough, it was short. Really short. But, I’m not complaining (after the shock wore off). After all, my hair looked MUCH better than it did in second year high school when I cut my own hair. Haha! I gotta look for my high school photos sometime.


Taken using a camera phone in our dark condo. I think this was around October?
Here’s me last month, attempting to look stoic/antagonistic. I kept my most of my longer hair behind my back.

And now:


Some of my officemates got shocked, and most didn’t even recognize me (and then when they did, they got shocked). I mean, like, gasp-and-openly-stare-for-5-full-seconds kind of shock. It was kind of funny, but I guess it was understandable. I mean, I’ve had long hair for the longest time. Some people say that my hair was one of my best physical attributes. And a girl’s hair is her crowning glory. Her life, as the Ranma 1/2 episode title goes.

But, see, I’ve noticed that the last quarter of 2009 has been a time of change and experimentation. I’ve adopted a new diet (I never thought I’d enjoy eating cereals in the evening), I’ve got a new brand of cosmetics and hygiene, and, yes, I’ve even been shopping in thrift stores and updating my wardrobe. Which is a big thing, because anyone who knows me knows that I hate shopping. And now this.

I guess a girl’s hair IS her life. Not that her life revolves around her hair, but more like the other way around. I didn’t do it in purpose, but maybe, in an unconscious level, I got myself a totally new haircut because I’ve got several totally new, totally un-Sarah plans for 2010. I’m not sure which of those I’ll actually do, though. Haha!

So, yeah. We’ve got 20 days left in the year. Let’s see what happens in 2010.

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  1. They say, (and when I say “They”, you say, “yow!”) that when a girl’s trying to change the way she feels, she associates it by changing her looks. (Much as the case with girls chopping their hair off after a break-up etc)

    In your case though, it sorta reinforces the positive changes you mentioned? A move to a bubbly-(ier) Sarah by 2010? 🙂

    Also, cereals in the evening? Breakfast foods are like the best type of foods to eat any time of day. 🙂

  2. Looks good on you! 🙂

  3. Love your every look! Just curious, what possessed that hairdresser to just snip at your lovely locks? Ano’ng karapatan nya…unless you gave him the go. I’d understand if it looked ugly…and he wanted to give you a much better look. Other hairdressers would do it more gradually. Baka nainggit sa buhok mo! Your new look is nice, but so was the old one.

    • Sarah

      December 12, 2009 — 1:28 pm

      I told him to do whatever he wants, just not boy’s cut. Alam mo naman ako minsan, bigla na lang gusto ng drastic change. 🙂

  4. I LOLd at the second pic’s caption XD
    Um, I had an apple cut when I was a kid (like toddler), but it doesn’t look like that. Mine looked more like Chacha of the Camella homes Bulilit commercial fame. Maybe that one’s the Millenium Apple cut (as opposed to the 80’s one) hahaha
    It really looks great, Sa! One question though, why was there no mirror and how come you were getting an apple cut without you knowing what it looked like? did you just let the stylist decide?

    • Sarah

      December 12, 2009 — 1:32 pm

      There was no mirror because…I dunno. Haha! It was on the other side of the room, and I didn’t bother to get it. Yup, I let the stylist decide on the cut. The last time he cut my hair, he did a layered cut, which was pretty normal for me. This time I told him to do whatever. He asked me if it was okay for me to get shoulder-length hair. I said okay, and then he said, “How about an apple cut?” I said, “Er…Okay?” LOL.

  5. Wow! You look so different with the cut but it looks good on you. 🙂

  6. Sarah,

    It looks so bagay. Nice try, you look younger with your new haircut. “new” nga ba? Delayed na yata ang reaction ko eh. Hehehe!


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