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Sarah Cada, i Blog4 participant
Just got home from iBlog4… Sorta. Actually, I’ve already taken my shoes off, sighed the Metro Manila pollution out of my lungs, and gobbled up (literally) my dinner. Sorry, but I was hungry. I didn’t even know I was that hungry until I noticed that I was stuffing my mouth with food in a really Eun Chan-ish way, which is totally NOT what I normally do.

So, anyway. iBlog4. Good talks. Friendly bloggers. Organized…organizers. Fun event.

When I got to the venue, I scanned the room to look for familiar faces only to find…none. Well, actually, Tess was already there, but I guess I missed her the first time I looked. I got a seat and, while waiting for my friends to arrive, I got my camera out to take photos of the venue.

Except my camera’s battery was, as it turns out, empty. Argh # 1.

A little past nine the event began, and still my friends who were supposed to come with me weren’t there. Ah, well. The guys beside me (Vincent, Arthur and Josh of ChickenMafia.com) and I talked a couple of times, a couple of sentences a time, anyway, so… Yeah.

In between speakers (the first ones were Charo Nuguid and Brain Gorrell), bloggers were allowed to pitch for their blogs, and one pitch that stood out is a girl (can’t remember her name!) who advertised her brother’s site, PinoyIdol2008.com and SurvivorPhilippines.com. Haha! The guy is a genius for getting those domain names first before GMA Network did.

By 10 AM, we had a 30-minute break. While I was writing notes for this blog post, this cameraman began taking a video of me. It was hard to pretend not to see the camera when the spotlight was glaring straight into my eyes. Haha!

I went outside to look for people, and saw Tess and AJ, whom I’ve only talked with on Twitter but never met personally.

The break ends, and we go back in to listen to Pinoyblogero Karlo, who slipped and disclosed his online earnings when his mother was in the audience(Haha! Bye-bye allowance from the parents?) and Juned, who kept fishing camera after camera out of his pockets (how on earth he fit all those in his pockets, I cannot imagine). Juned made me want to buy a fisheye camera. (As If I can afford it.)

Just as Jonas Diego started on web comics, my laptop’s battery died. Argh # 2. And then my power cable’s adaptor wasn’t in my bag. Argh#3!!! And I wanted to read his comics, too! I shall do that after I finish this post.

Beth arrived during lunch break. Strange that she wasn’t included in the participants’ list, when she was in the list online. Hmmmm. She didn’t get an ID. Too bad.

After Marcelle pitched for his blog he did a magic trick (by popular demand). I think this is now a staple in blogger events. Haha!

The afternoon went by pretty quickly: Aileen and Coy‘s amusing informative video/talk on podcasting and vlogging, the three speakers on Blogging and Elections (Luz Rimban, Manuel Quezon III, and Janette Toral), and Atty. Disini’s open forum on legal concerns in blogging. All three talks were interesting and important ones, but I just have to say that Atty Disini’s portion got my attention the most. Hehe. Copyright infringement and such.

We had another break (I just stayed in my seat and closed my eyes) before Noemi Dado‘s talk on blogging for a cause.

The last speaker of the day was Ria Jose from Davao, on the Mindanao Blogging Experience. It was a really fun talk, and it SO made me want to go ahead and try making a blog on Quezon City (or any niche blog, really) like what the Mindanao Bloggers did. Hmmm… I’ll think about it and weigh the possibilities. It was a really fun talk, methinks, and the Mindanao people were a fun bunch, even from where they sat.

Sarah and the ChickenMafia Chicken!And, my goodness, the whole of Davao has free WiFi?! ARGH! Why can’t it be like that in Quezon City?!

Aaaaanyway. The iBlog4 came to a close with me winning an iBlog4 shirt (along with 50 other people), and all the (remaining) participants climbing on the stage for a group photo. After that photo session, I got to have a picture taken with Arthur in the Chicken costume. Dude, you rock!

I was beside Aileen (in a rocking Pinoy Blogger shirt) and BA during the stage photo… Seeing him now (and comparing how he looks like now to how he did during the last time I saw him, which was in the first Blogger Food Fest in MOA) made me realize how long I was absent from offline blogger events. Yikes. I should go to more events and meet my blogger friends!

…I say that, and yet I didn’t go to the after-event party at Katipunan. Haaaay. It’s so hard to be in demand and I have to be in several places at once. Hehe.

Wrapping up, again, I say: iBlog4. Good talks. Friendly bloggers. Organized organizers. Fun event!

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  1. Hi Sarah! Nice meeting you! It’s amazing how offline blog events can actually enhance our online blogging activities! The iBlog4 actually energized me. And yeah, free wifi in Davao? The whole of Davao? Whoa!

    See you on the next blogging event. I’m watching my hamsters play right now. 🙂

  2. Hi Sarah. Thank you for taking time to join us at iBlog4 today. Yeah, we had a slip on the badges and my apologies to those who weren’t able to get one.

  3. Hi Sarah! It was really nice meeting you at the IBlog4, too bad you weren’t able to join us at the 88DB.com’s Blogger’s Party after. As for the pictures, we already put it up here.

    And I agree with Tess, it sure made me realize what a fun bunch bloggers really are.

  4. it was great to have met you in the flesh! finally! 🙂

  5. Yeah. I noticed the magic is becoming a staple whenever I’m around, and this time, I wasn’t even volunteering it! :p

  6. Since when did my hair become the barometer? hahaha. Hi Sarah! 😀 Sorry di kita napansin agad, was too busy smiling for the camera. JOKE! Siksikan kasi eh. Hehehe. Till next time. 😀 Nice bumping into you again.

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