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spankin’ new specs

So I finally got me a birthday gift to myself.

New glasses!


Err…Okay. So you might think, “Aren’t you getting a bit too excited over a pair of glasses?”

Well, try having to wear them every minute every day for more than 15 years, and let’s see if you won’t get serious about them.

‘Sides, my old glasses are 7 years old. Talk about long-overdue retirement! Yeesh.

Aside from finally getting a new pair, I also went and got myself a new style, too. I usually gravitate towards silver frames, or at least frames that don’t look too bulky. I suppose it’s mostly because of my eyebrows — I don’t need my glasses to emphasize them too much– and my eyelashes — I have nice eyelashes and I don’t want to hide them. Also, I’ve always gotten round frames instead of square ones. Had to do with me face shape, I think.

So when I went to Trinoma last week I began looking at frames while waiting for my amigas. I had wanted a specific blue frame that I saw, but when I dragged my brother to the mall to get “fashion” advice, he preferred something else: a black/white/silver frame by Soviet. I didn’t like it at all at first (I thought it made me look like a strict horn-rimmed spinster of a schoolteacher) but he kept insisting that they look nice on me.

Well, seeing that my brothers are the best fashion consultants I have, I went ahead and bought it, telling myself that I’d get used to them eventually.

This morning after work, I went to SM to get my new specs. When I wore them I was a bit overwhelmed. Things were way too friggin’ clear that I was suddenly worried if I got my eyes refracted right (since optometrists do base their diagnoses from our responses to their questions) . “Ack! Maybe the grade is too high!” And then there’s also the fact that my frames are of a different shape, and theres a rim closer to my eyelashes more than I was used to…

But, of course, all that’s just because everything’s so new (and I was a zombie from work, so my eyesight was a bit out of whack). Now, though, rested and testing out my new eyes, I can say I’m liking them!

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  1. Your new glasses looks great! Once I started wearing funky glasses, I never went back to plain and boring frames.

  2. is that astigmatism? lol

  3. @Mi you think so? I think so, too! ^_^

    @nina Thanks, thanks! Funky glasses… Haha! I’m wondering if I’ll ever go back to plain frames again. Lol.

    @finch It’s astigmatism and near-sightedness.

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